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Product Description

We know that when God’s love fills us, it changes us. Experience “First Love” digital theme curriculum available online for the very first time. This theme seeks to understand God’s true love for us so that we are able to truly love others. As your youth engage with the content of “First Love”, God’s love moves from the head to the heart as they process the true love of Jesus in a deep, profound way. This is a game-changer for young people as they deal with the pressures of being a teenager. Use this curriculum to enhance your serving experiences or in small groups or as devotionals in your youth ministry. This curriculum features:

  • “How to use this” Facilitation Guide
  • Theme Overview
  • 3 Theme Videos
  • Trip Journal (PDF version)
  • Trip Journal (Editable Word version)
  • Group Processing Guide
  • Parents Processing Guide
  • Graphics (for social media, presentations, promotional material)

FIRST LOVE Synopsis:
We were unable to love: Unable to love God. Unable to love others.

But God loved us anyway. Not with a flimsy, only-when-it’s-convenient, once-in-a-while kind of love. But with a deep, all-of-the-time, for-all-of-time kind of love. A love that takes root and gives life. A love that fills us, changes us, flows from us into the world.

And so, we are able to love: Able to love God. Able to love others.

We love because God first loved us.


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