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Physical copies of Storyline trip journals.


What if you knew, deep down, that your story is valuable? Unique? Important? That God’s goodness and unfailing love is present in your life, through all your highs and lows?

What if you knew that Jesus sees your true, unedited story and still deeply loves you and pursues you? That while brokenness is often part of your story, it isn’t the full story?

And how would your story be greater if you knew, really deep down, that God feels this way towards everyone?

As you encounter people from all different places,

Jesus invites you to be like him and share in his story.

Throughout the Bible, Jesus gives us examples of what it looks like to live a story of love. He takes small acts of service and multiplies them. He gives people a story that is a bigger and better than they could write on their own. This summer, as your storyline continues with new characters in a new setting, you’re invited to pay attention to God moving in and through your story and the stories of the people around you.

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