Be a Footwasher

For 25 years, every YouthWorks mission trip has included an opportunity for teenagers to step into the story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. If you’ve experienced these moments, you know just how powerful they are.

In the middle of a YouthWorks footwashing, the Holy Spirit starts connecting the dots between the days of service, the stories of our community members, and the movements of God happening in the lives of every teenager. We begin to realize that we are a part of the bigger story of the Gospel, and that we’ve been given an opportunity to serve as Christ has served us.  

During these unprecedented times, God is calling us deeper into our mission to be footwashers.

Our 26th year of ministry is launching in the shadow of COVID-19, and like many other organizations, we are facing incredible challenges.

Erica, our Executive Director, shares more in her video message.  

As we respond to the new ways this pandemic is shaping our communities, our church partners, and our ministry, we invite you to lock arms with us as footwashers and help support the work God is continuing to do through the ministry of YouthWorks.

How You Can Join Us

Regardless of which way you choose to give, every contribution from a footwasher adds to the financial support we need to…

  • Stay engaged in our communities and continue our preparation to respond.
  • Mobilize thousands of teenagers to be a part of meeting the very real needs of our community partners.
  • Dive into the development of our summer staff as they step into this different and difficult season of ministry.
  • Provide quality resources to hundreds of churches, schools, and organizations that partners with us for their mission trip.

Share Your Footwashing Stories

With 25 years of footwashing, we know there are thousands of stories from teenagers, Trip Leaders, summer staff, and community partners over the years. These are God-moments, when the Holy Spirit opened eyes to new perspectives and passions, and planted the seeds of inspiration for new possibilities and life-long pursuits.

We can’t think of a better season to be reminded of these moments and to celebrate your footwashing story with you. Will you take a few minutes to share your footwashing story with us?