THE GOOD LIFE – Theme Curriculum (Digital)



Product Description

Experience “The Good Life” digital theme curriculum available online for the very first time. This theme explores what it means to live the good, full life that God intended for us. As your youth engage with this extraordinary content, they will confidently go forward with a new Godly definition of “The Good Life”. Use this curriculum to enhance your serving experiences or in small groups or as devotionals in your youth ministry. This curriculum features:

  • “How to use this” Facilitation Guide
  • Theme Overview
  • 3 Theme Videos
  • Trip Journal (PDF version)
  • Trip Journal (Editable Word version)
  • Group Processing Guide
  • Parents Processing Guide
  • Graphics (for social media, presentations, promotional material)


Life does not always feel good, does it? Sometimes people get lonely or sad or depressed or hurt. Sometimes people don’t want what they have or have what they need. Sometimes things can get really, truly, incredibly hard. So we seek something to make life better. Something to make things good again.

One Republic, Kanye, Miley Cyrus and Weezer all sing songs titled “The Good Life” in which they describe a life full of drinking, dancing, being popular, getting famous, making money, spending money, owning stuff and trying to be happy. But do those things really compose a good and full life? Not good for a day, but good for a lifetime. Good in an “all is as it should be” kind of way. Good for everyone involved.

Jesus told his followers that there are a lot of things trying to hurt and destroy us, but from the very beginning, God intended us to live good and full lives. Full of right relationships with God and with others. And that’s why Jesus came: to restore the good life we are intended for—not a luxury we horde, but an abundance we share.

What if the full life you are meant for is not always easy or comfortable or popular, but it is freeing and lasting and good?

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