Live Like Jesus (2-Day Family Service Experience Curriculum)



Product Description

As families are searching for new ways to connect with each other, YouthWorks and Fuller Youth Institute (the wonderful team behind Sticky Faith) have joined together to offer this Family Service Experience Curriculum for free. 

This curriculum is designed to be paired with 2-days of local service experiences for families. If you’ve been on a previous YouthWorks family mission trip, you’ll recognize the content. We’ve used it in that setting before and have pulled out the pieces that will be the most helpful for families or church leaders looking for resources that help families connect through local service experience. 

This Curriculum Includes:

• Pre-experience Parent Guidebook: Designed to help parents prepare for their service experience. You’ll find 5 tips to help frame the experience with your family, an outline for a pre-experience family meeting and discussion questions. 

• Experience Parent Guidebook: Designed as a map for morning devotions and evening family worship gatherings. You’ll find resources to help guide conversations, discussion questions and activities for applications. There are additional discussion guide elements that can be added in for older teenagers as well. 

• Post-Experience Parent Guidebook: Designed to help you answer the question, “what’s next?” You’ll find a guide for a post-experience family meeting that will help use the 2-days of service to help create a lasting impact.


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